Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

Jesmond 3/12/17

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Controller's Comments

I was very impressed by the event plan that James produced for the competition which was unusual for an event of this type and I think we can all learn from what he had done.

Jesmond is not the easiest area to plan on due to its shape, but Willard produced some well received courses on the day - it's difficult to create really technical courses with the abundance of paths in Jesmond. What may suit the shorter courses is not always best for the longer ones, however, Willard seems to have got it just about right with the exception of the Short Green which could have been a little shorter.

A few of the comments I heard were about the climb coming up out of the Dene, the vegetation around control 162 (pit) and the confusion of how to get past the Armstrong Bridge area. Trying to show the vegetation clearly is an ongoing problem but I think the main problem with 162 was that there were distinct bends in the path which may have given a better indication of how to attack the control.

Around Armstrong Bridge and a few other areas, walls and fences bounding roads and pathways are very difficult to show clearly even at 1:7500 and uncertainty about this may have affected how competitors made their route choice. I think that the map still needs a some work done on it to clarify some areas and will certainly have to change in the light of the new mapping standards.

Rob McKenna (Northern Navigators)

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