Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

Slaley Hall Estate 14/1/187

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Apologies to those who had to wait and use a recycled map and many thanks to those who sacrificed their map to let others run a course.

Printable files of each course map in case you were unable to take your copy.

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Planner's Comments

Thank you all for coming and making the Slaley event a success. Special thanks to those who waited for a second hand map. We were blessed with good conditions and an unexpectedly large number of people clearly wanted to take the opportunity to get some orienteering in. I hope it was worth the trip and enjoyable.

I am very grateful to Frank for his great organising and, with Andy ,helping with the controls, Adrian Barnes for his controller and map printing duties, Joanne, Bob and Paul for Starts and Finishes and of course Peter Firth for keeping an event flowing even when there were no maps left. Finally thanks to the control collectors without whom I'd still be out there.

Jeremy Lakey

Guidance to upload a route to RouteGadget

RouteGadget Please visit RouteGadget, upload your route, see where other runners went and where other courses might have taken you.

Advantages of using RouteGadget are:

  • You and others can see each other's routes taken.
  • You can see the other courses that were on offer at the event.
  • You can become aware of alternative route choices.
  • The planner can see what responses there were to the navigation challenges that were set.
  • You can have youngsters talk through their routes to other members of the family