Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

Morpeth Common 17/2/19

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Controller's Comments.

Thanks to Charlie for the excellent planning of his first event.

Apologies to Blue & Green course runners as control 126 was misplaced too far north.

In fairness the legs concerned will be voided.

I do hope you enjoyed your run and that this issue did not spoil things too much for you. ~ ~ Tricia Davies



For logistical reasons RouteGadget was available before the result files were published.

From published results note your time and then manually upload. Guidance below.

RouteGadget Please visit RouteGadget, upload your route, see where other runners went.

Guidance to upload a route to RouteGadget from non-SI results

Advantages of using RouteGadget are:

  • You and others can see each other's routes taken.
  • You can see the other courses that were on offer at the event.
  • You can become aware of alternative route choices.
  • The planner can see what responses there were to the navigation challenges that were set.
  • You can have youngsters talk through their routes to other members of the family