Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

Hogmanay Hooey

Bolam Lake 29/12/19

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Event remarks

I must apologize to all competitors for any inconvenience this morning.
Richard Torr the planner was taken ill with a suspected heart attack before Christmas. The courses were planned and ready for printing. Tricia and Brian Davies offered to put out controls. I was able to put out only a few due to illness. I am sorry but it was me who missed putting out control 127. It has been decided to withdraw that control from all courses. Thanks to NATO club members for helping set up and collect in controls.

Thank you all for your co operation with the use of our dibbers. We have sorted the problems from Plessey by working through entry and download at our leisure.

Otherwise I hope you enjoyed the courses and I hope you have a control error free 2020.

John Crosby


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