Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

on behalf of North East Orienteering Association

October Odyssey

National events weekend

Hexham Urban & Dukeshouse Classic 26th & 27th October 2019

Results Index

Results Day One (Hexham)


Apologies to those whose printouts showed a no dib at box 108. It was unable to catch up with a rapid succession of dibs. No penalties.


Results Day Two (Dukeshouse)


Odyssey Combined Results


NEOA Championships



RouteGadget: (now available for both days)

RouteGadget Please visit RouteGadget, upload your route, see where other runners and other courses went.

Guidance to upload a route to RouteGadget

Advantages of using RouteGadget are:

  • You and others can see each other's routes taken.
  • You can see the other courses that were on offer at the event.
  • You can become aware of alternative route choices.
  • The planner can see what responses there were to the navigation challenges that were set.
  • You can have youngsters talk through their routes to other members of the family.