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Sunday 15th January 2017

Urban Races

An level C event in the UK Urban League, North East Urban League

Not NEOL as previously advertised.



Update 10/1/17 shown in crimson

Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers look forward to your visit to Cramlington for this event. The town has developed on the New Town principle of the 1960s into a major population centre in Northumberland about 10 miles north of Newcastle.

As a former New Town it features many green areas, cycle tracks, underpasses beneath roads and footpaths between clusters of houses.

The town centre, not far from assembly, provides all services: Comprehensive Shopping Centre, Leisure Centre & Pool, Cinema etc.

Communications are good. From the south A1(M) + A1 passing to the west of Newcastle and A19 near motorway standard from North Yorkshire and Teesside via the Tyne Tunnel merge on the outskirts of Cramlington.
From the west A66 and A69 feed into the A1. From the north A1, A68 and A697 lead from Scotland

National Rail from all parts serve Newcastle from which local buses serve Cramlington.

All types of accommodation can be found within reasonable distance of the event.

By road:Competitors with local knowledge should be guided by the local car parking map below.

A1 Southbound: Leave at Jct 80 ("Tyne Tunnel, Cramlington") and use the A19 lane. Take the first slip road (Cramlington A1171) to a roundabout - see below

A1 Northbound: Leave at Jct 80 ("Tyne Tunnel A19, Cramlington A1068") Follow A19 (NOT A1068) Take the first (Cramlington A1171) to a roundabout - see below.

A19 Northbound from Tyne Tunnel (Major roadworks & speed restrictions north of the tunnel): At Moor Farm roundabout (named) take A19 lane and exit, preparing to take a left off slip road and exit 5 (Cramlington A1171) - see below

From this common point follow A1171 Town Centre forward at several roundabouts. Turn off left at Sainsburys Petrol station passing between it and Vue Cinema.

Ignore public parking and after two right angle bends look left for O parking.

Car Parking: at the Old Health Centre, Forum Way, Cramlington, NE23 6QN ~ NZ261767


For a guaranteed map advance reservation contact this website contact page before noon 8th January.

Thereafter, until noon 14th, the same method may be used subject to remaining stocks. Pay on the day.
Quote Name, Club, Membership Number & Age class, Dibber Number, Course. Entry on the day subject to map availability.


£7.00 Senior / £4.00 Juniors/Concessions / £2.00 Schoolchildren.


10:00 to 12:00 In the entrance lobby of Concordia Leisure Centre across the road (via underpass, please) from the car park.
Pre-entrants please call to pay entry fees and to collect map permit and race number bib (to worn visibly by all competitors). Bib numbers are listed here, will be shown with map permit and displayed at registration. The map permit packet & label can be used as a key drop if desired.


SPORTident Electronic. E-Cards ("dibber") available for hire £1 (£40 loss charge) Pre order hire as above.




Loose at the start and also on the map front.


10:30 to 12:30 1.3 km. from registration along a level cycle/pedestrian track.

Race Conduct

1. Road crossings. Some busy roads are shown on the map as a darker shade of brown with the Out Of Bounds purple overprint. These must only be crossed at the crossing points shown on the map. All but one are underpasses. One road crossing on courses 1 & 2 is a Zebra Crossing which must be crossed properly - do not attempt to save microseconds by running diagonally across the road.
2. Gardens etc. As with all modern estates, the distinction between gardens and communal grass areas is difficult to tell in places. The mapper has erred on the side of caution so that local people are not inconvenienced more than necessary. If an area is marked with the olive colour for “Settlement” it is Out Of Bounds. It is not perfect, so if other areas looks like someone’s garden don’t run across them.
3. Uncrossable boundaries. Any boundary marked as Uncrossable (thick line) must not be crossed. In some places it may look like you can - but don’t!
Any competitor seen to be infringing any of the above will be disqualified.


1.0 km. return to download along the same track.


Beside Registration. No dirty shoes in Leisure Centre, please


Final controlled distances

1. Men Open Sold out

6.3 km.

2. Women Open, Veteran Men (M40+)


3. Veteran Women (W40+), SuperVeteran Men (M55+)

4.9 km.

4. SuperVeteran Women (W55+), UltraVeteran Men (M65+)

3.6 km.

5. UltraVeteran Women (W65+), Hypervet Women (75+), Hypervet Men (75+)

2.7 km.

6. Junior Women (W16-) & Junior Men (M16-)

2.6 km.

7. Young Junior Women (W12-), Young Junior Men (M12-)

1.6 km.

No significant climb


Toilets and Cafe at Leisure Centre


Planners: Mary Rack

Organiser: David Floyd

Controller: Adrian Barnes


Remember you Orienteer at your own risk

Major roads are crossed by compulsory underpasses with one exception on courses 1 & 2
where a marshalled zebra crossing is used.

Please bring your own requirement of water.

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