Sunday 19th May 2019

Regional Races at Druridge Bay

Update 12/5/19
(Course lengths / Map scales / Map notes)

Photos: © Copyright (Lake) Magheach-gheal ~ (Dunes) J.Thomas
. Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence Source:www.geograph.org.uk/2585826 and www.geograph.org.uk/3049172

Suitable event for newcomers as well as established orienteers

Location: Druridge Bay Country Park and Dunes near Amble.Readily accessible from the A189/A1068
Travel:Signed from A1068 (also brown tourist information sign – Druridge Bay Country Park) 4 km north of Widdrington NU 259001
X18 from Haymarket 09.18 via Regent Centre & Morpeth. (Journey 1 hr.) to Red Row Market Place. 2.0 km via E.Chevington Reserve. Walking route
Car park: As directed within the Country Park. Postcode (Visitor Centre) NE61 5BX ~ First hour free (show ticket) ,£1.60 up to 2 hrs.; £3.00 for 2+ hrs.
Entry:Senior (M/W21+) £7.00 ~ Juniors (M/W20-) £2.00
Leaders of groups (scouts/schools) please notify the organiser in advance so that enough maps are printed.
Registration:10:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon
Starts:10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Courses Close: 2:30 p.m.
Punching:SportIdent Electronic. Dibber hire £1 Loss charge £40
Courses:Brown (10.3 km.), Blue (7.6 km.) Map: 1:10 000 2.5m contours
Green (5.6 km.), Short Green (3.7 km.), Light Green (4.4 km.) Map: 1:7 500 2.5m contours
Orange (3.1 km.), Yellow (2.4 km.), White (1.0 km.) Map: 1:7 500 2.5m contours
Map Notes:Scales ~ see courses above. Waterproof Paper. ISOM2017
Green, Blue and Brown maps: No full legend. Strips of map with course split across the strips. Descriptions smaller than 6mm standard (5mm) to fit.
Ends of lines of concrete blocks may not be accurate due to sand movement by wind and tide.
For Green, Blue and Brown, a stream course on the beach may have changed for the same reasons.
Terrain:Intricate dunes and easier terrain in country park
Dogs:Under close control.
Facilities: Toilets and café at Visitor Centre
Officials Planner: Willard Wright
Controller: Katherine Brown
Organiser: Helen Rafferty ~ 01661 852603 (answer machine) or 07583774883
Safety:Remember you Orienteer at your own risk
Please bring your own requirement of water.
A whistle should be carried, otherwise officials reserve the right to deny entry.
Report to the finish even if you do not complete your course.
A risk assessment will have been carried out to minimise risks.
Orienteering is an adventure sport, so have concern for your own safety.