Sunday 7th October 2018

North East Score Championships

Eligibility Rules

Jesmond, Newcastle

Page updated 4/10/18 ~ Score Points,Penalties,Eligibility

Ideal event for newcomers as well as established orienteers. Instruction available.

Photos: Copyright (Left) Mike Quinn / (Right) Paul Gillett
. Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence and

Travel: From A1058 Coast Road westbound (citybound) turn south into Heaton Road at the Corner House (lights).
Eastbound continue to the next roundabout and return to Corner House as above.
After 600m turn right into Jesmond Vale Lane ("Sambuca Pavilion")
Metro: Chillingham Road 1 km. Buses along Heaton Road (N-bound stop Rothbury Terrace / S-bound stop Simonside Terrace) & Chillingham Rd.
Car park: Jesmond Vale Lane NE6 5JS NZ265656
If the car park becomes full please park considerately in the streets nearby
Entry:Senior members (M/W21+) £7.00 ~ Juniors (M/W20-) £2.00
For a guaranteed map please email NEScoreChamps by Wed.3rd October (extension). Pay on the day. EOD subject to remaining map availability.
Leaders of groups (scouts/schools) please notify the organiser in advance so that enough maps are printed.
Registration:10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.(later for colour coded)
  • Mass start: Men (60 min.) 11:00 a.m.,
  • Mass start: Women (60 min.) 11:05 a.m.,
  • Mass start: (45 min.) 11:10 a.m.
  • Orange & Yellow from 10:30 a.m.
  • Courses Close: 12:30 p.m.
Punching:SPORTident Electronic Dibber: free loan. Loss charge 40. Score courses SIAC enabled.
Please note that the long score course offers up to 40 controls. Only series 8 dibbers and above have capacity.
Anyone needing to borrow a suitable dibber is asked to get in touch NEScoreChamps as soon as possible.
Courses:In a score event control sites can be visited in any order, accumulating points, within the allocated time, with penalties for late return.
Score values range from 10 to 50. Late return penalty 20 points per minute.
You are free to run a course of your choice. To qualify for Championship status however, the allocation is as follows.




60 minute score

Vet (M40+)
Supervet (M55+)

Vet (W40+)

45 minute score

UltraVet (M65+)
Junior (M16-)
Young Junior (M12-)

SuperVet (W55+)
UltraVet (W65+)
Junior (W16-)
Young Junior (W12-)

Yellow (using miniature controls with cards/punches) ~ Orange (using SI dibbers) Separate start, common finish.
Map:1:7500 N.B. Underpasses are shown by an arrow indicating where the path goes under the bridge. Seats are not mapped.
Terrain:Urban parkland, with some steep slopes and a complex path network including rocky steps. Some streets possible.
Dogs:Under close control.
Facilities:Regret no toilets. Morrisons, Shields Rd NE6 1EJ (800 m.)
Refreshments: Refreshments: Butterfly Cabinet (from 10:00), Sky Apple Veg. Cafe (from 11:00) both Heaton Road. Sambuca (Italian) (from 12:00) in the park.
Officials Planner: Alasdair Wilson Craw
Organiser: Mary Rack ( 07759652694 )
Controller: Richard Torr
Safety:Remember you Orienteer at your own risk
Please be aware of other park users, including dog walkers, cyclists and children.
Be wary of slippery steps/slopes if wet
Please bring your own requirement of water.
A whistle should be carried, otherwise officials reserve the right to deny entry.

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