Saturday 9th June 2018

Pegswood, by Morpeth, Northumberland

British Mixed Sprint Relay

Update 28/4/18

Link to Final Details will appear here when available

Travel: Signed on A197 at the East end only of the Pegswood Bypass section at the roundabout with the metal Miner sculpture
(known locally as "Robin of Pegswood." Ignore the road direction sign at the west (Morpeth) end roundabout to avoid contrary traffic in the village.
New extension of A197 from/to A1 north of Morpeth is open - only shown on recent maps.
Bus: 35 Morpeth Bus station to Ashington/Newbiggin/Woodhorn via Pegswood Village and reverse every 20 minutes.
Rail: No practical service at Pegswood
Car park: Local village parking (some street, some field) which will be limited. Please share travel as much as possible. See final details.
Entry:Senior Open Teams (4 runners) £28
Other Senior Teams (3 runners) £21
Junior Teams (3 runners) £12
Team entries to be submitted by 3rd June, please, to BMSR or via this website contact page.
stating Team Name / Club / Course / Names in running order with BOF and dibber numbers & Age Group. Pay on the day.
Amendments to team members may be made on the day.
Registration:12:00 noon - 12:45 p.m. For bibs see Final details
Starts: Course 1 ~ 1:00 p.m. , Young Junior (12-) Courses ~ 2:45 p.m. ~ Other Senior Courses ~ 2:15 p.m. Courses Close: 4:00 p.m.
Punching:SPORTident Electronic, SIAC enabled. Dibber Hire (non SIAC) 1 (per event) Loss charge 40
Courses:All legs winning times 12 to 15 minutes







2 Men + 2 Women (WMMW)


UltraVeteran (65+)

3 runners. At least 1 male & 1 female


Veteran (40+)

3 runners. At least 1 male & 1 female


Junior (16-)

3 runners. At least 1 male & 1 female


SuperVeteran (55+)

3 runners. At least 1 male & 1 female


Young Junior (12-)

3 runners. At least 1 male & 1 female


Ad Hoc

Any 3 runners

Terrain: Country park with maturing trees on reclaimed former colliery land with adjacent modern and traditional housing.
Dogs:under control
Officials Weekend Coordinator: John Crosby email:
Planner: Adrian Barnes (NATO)
Organiser: James Boyd (NATO)
Controller: Alan Cranke (CLOK)
Safety:Remember you Orienteer at your own risk
Please bring your own requirement of water.

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