Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers

Orienteering Night Owl Series 2019 - 20

Updated 30/1/20

The Night Owls League will run through the winter months. A series of events will determine the Night Owls champions.

The winner of each course will get 100 points.
Lower positions will be awarded points relative to the winner's time.
Organisers/planners will be awarded a bonus of the average of the scores of competitors.
Best 4 scores to count.

A prize will be awarded to each overall winner of the Long and of the Short courses.

The winner of each course can choose a bottle of red wine or a bottle of white wine, complete with appropriate label. See above.

Courses: Events will offer two courses:-
A Long course (~ 4 km.)(with a degree of technical difficulty appropriate to the area) and a Short course (~ 2 km.).

Individual event details will appear here as they are confirmed.

Fees: Senior £4.00 Junior £2.00 .

Starts: 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted in event details

Night Owl Coordinator: Fred Miller

Remember you Orienteer at your own risk

Please supply your own requirement of water

DateLocation and details when available
30/10/19 (Wed) Denton Burn Results
13/11/19 (Wed)Northumberlandia Results
11/12/19 (Wed)Paradise, Scotswood Results
15/01/20 (Wed)Newburn Riverside Results

League points after 4 events.

12/02/20 (Wed)Leazes Park------
 Registration: Leazes Park Leazes Crescent entrance 
 Parking: Free after 5:00 p.m. in Eldon Garden/Eldon Square multistoreys. Local on & off street parking typically £1.40 per hour until 6:00 p.m. 
 Buses from all parts to Haymarket/Eldon Sq. Metro: Haymarket or St.James all about 500m. 
 Terrain: a mixture of fast runnable grass, woodland, scattered trees, tarmac paths, woodland paths, and rough grazing land with scattered trees to the north. 
 Map: Some thinning has occurred with some areas mapped slow now runnable. Keep off planted areas. 
 Planner / Organiser: Kari Campbell 

11/03/20 (Wed)West Wylam/Hagg Bank------