North Country Triple

Brampton Urban (BL) ~ Saltwell Pk. Sprint (NN) and


Sunday 16th June 2019
Gateshead & Newcastle
Urban Races - National level
UK Urban League

Update 7/5/19
Entries open.

Travel:Newcastle is well-served by trains and buses.
From Newcastle Central Station (National Rail & Metro) 25 minute walk to assembly.
From Gateshead Metro 20 minute walk to assembly.
Walking routes will be provided here.
Car Parking:No specific event parking allocated.
Sage Music Centre adjacent to assembly.NE8 2JR. Chargeable.
Other: Mill Road NE8 5JB, South Shore NE8 2BE or Quarryfield Road (reportedly very underused) NE8 3AE. All long stay.
Entry:via SiEntries. Now open. Senior (M/W21+) £10.00 ~ Juniors (M/W20-) £4.00 until pre-entry closes Sunday 9th June.
Thereafter and on the day Senior (M/W21+) £12.00 ~ Juniors (M/W20-) £5.00 subject to map availability.
Registration:09:30 - 13:00
Assembly:Assembly, bib collection, download and enquiries are on grassland at the eastern end of the Sage Music Centre. NZ256638
Starts:At the south end of Gateshead Millennium Bridge for all courses, two minutes from assembly.
The first control for all courses will be on the north side of the Bridge. Punching starts will be used.
Competitors will be unable to start when the bridge is tilting. The bridge tilts once at 12:00 noon. Other planned tilt times.
There are no preferred route choices on any course which favour crossing back across this bridge.
Start times 10:30 13:30. Courses close 16:00.
Finish:One finish for all close to Assembly.


Senior Men

6.4 km.


Ultravet Women (W65+)
HyperVet Men (M75+)
HyperVet Women (W75+)

2.3 km.


Vet Men (M40+)
Senior Women

5.5 km.


Juniors (M/W16-)

2.9 km.


Supervet Men (M55+)
Vet Women (W40+)

4.3 km.


Young Juniors (M/W12-)

1.9 km.


Ultravet Men (M65+)
Supervet Women (W55+)

3.2 km.



StartFitness Start Fitness

Children aged 16 and under will only be allowed to enter the junior courses (courses 6 and 7).
Reference to planner's junior safety notes for parents is essential.
Competitors are reminded that these are straight-line distances and that actual routes will be considerably longer.
Map:ISSOM2007 1:5000 size:A3 by Fred Miller 2019.
Punching:SportIdent Electronic (SIAC enabled). Dibber hire 1.00 Loss charge 40.
Terrain:The event takes place on either side of the Tyne Gorge, a dramatic urban landscape which has undergone significant modernisation in recent years.
All courses visit the Newcastle and Gateshead sides of the river. The terrain is generally steep with course lengths taking this into account.
Reference to planner's extended terrain notes is essential.
Facilities:Baltic Contemporary Art Centre (café & toilets),The Sage International Music Centre (café).
Dogs: On a lead at assembly. No dogs on courses.
Officials Planner: Frank Shillitoe (NATO)
Organisers: Brian and Tricia Davies (NATO)
Controller: Robin Bailey (CLOK)
Safety:See also planner's terrain notes.
Safety Bearing: On the Newcastle side, south takes you downhill to the river Tyne.
Then head east to the Millennium Bridge and cross it to get back to the start and assembly.
On the Gateshead side, north will take you downhill to the river Tyne; head east to the Millennium Bridge back to the start and the assembly.
Remember you orienteer at your own risk.
Please bring your own requirement of water.