What do I do when I get to an event?

Follow the parking marshal's directions to a suitable parking space. Then proceed on foot to Registration.

This is either set up in a tent or in a car (or two) at a strategic point in the car park. The courses on offer will be displayed, showing the distance and
the amount of climb involved for each course.

Register and pay for a course appropriate to your ability. If the event is using Sport Ident electronic punching, you will need to have a dibber. You can usually borrow or hire SI dibbers at the event for a small fee.

You will sometimes be allocated a start time at registration unless "turn up and go" is in operation. Make sure you are at the Start in plenty of time. The Start may be quite a distance from the car park so during registration check how long it takes to get to the start.

If available, check your control descriptions before going to the start, and if you need any advice as to what they mean, ask someone. They tell you what sort of feature your control will be on, for example a path junction, boulder, ditch etc. For all but novice courses, which use text descriptions, these are in pictorial (symbol) form.

Every control out on the course has a number or letter code on it. This code will be listed on the control description card so that you know you've found the correct control
when navigating.

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