What is SPORTident or EMIT, and what is a dibber / emiTag / e-card?

Sport Ident is a system which is used for orienteering to electronically register the 'punching' of control points. It consists of a small plastic dibber on elastic which is strapped to the finger. This allows the runner to quickly 'dib' the dibber into the hole
in the top of the SI boxes to register their control point. There are also versions now which can record in close proximity to the box as the runner passes.

The dibber contains a computer chip which picks up data from each control point that it is dibbed into. This data can then be downloaded to give information about which controls the runner has visited and how long it took to get there from the previous control together with total race time. The dibber can also be called an e-card, or an SI card. They can be borrowed or hired for a small fee at most events.

They can be bought from Compass Point at large events or online from SPORTident. Once bought they should be registered with SPORTident, so that your information can be automatically entered upon registration at some events using your dibber number.

An alternative recording system (EMIT) is sometimes used, involving a different design of e-card ("emiTag") and recording device at the control. Ask for a demonstration at Registration.

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