What happens at the Start?

As you make your way from Registration to the Start look out for any notices that may be up outlining any alterations to terrain or other important notices. You never know how important this information may be to your course. The route to the start will be marked by signs and/or short lengths of tape hanging at strategic intervals. At some larger events there is sometimes more than one start (sometimes confusingly named with colours - nothing to do with the colour designation of your course). Be sure to approach the correct one.

Sport Ident Electronic Punching Events:

Ensure that you dib your dibber into a box marked 'clear' at the Start. Wait for it to beep before moving on. There will probably be a number of lanes marked out on the ground with tape. These lanes are to organise the competitors before their starts. You will be called up three or four minutes before your start time (it may be that the TIME is called, rather than your name if you have entered a Colour Coded course). You will then be asked to stand in a taped box. Usually the person controlling the start will ask you to dib a 'Check' box to ensure that your dibber is clear for use. A minute before the start you will be asked to step forward into the final box, and you will be told where to find your map (if you are picking one up at the start). You will probably be started by either a beep or a whistle.

Some events may not allocate start times but work on a turn up and go basis.

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