JIRCs and October Odyssey

CLOK hosted a weekend of orienteering combining the Junior Inter Regional Championships and the October Odyssey. The event was extremely well managed and the courses were suberb. The venue was South Gare and Coatham Dunes. This is an intricate and testing area, with lots of depressions, knolls and hillocks, mixed in with some industrial remnants and remains. NEJS put forward a team of fifteen youngsters from NATO, NN and CLOK and although we were unlikely to get a podium position competing against regions as strong as Scotland, Yorkshire/Humber, and the Sourth-West, the juniors ran well, considering for many this was their first time competing at TD4 and TD5 level.

Left-to-Right: Amy Mitchell (NATO), Katie Jones (CLOK), Benedict Sanderson (NATO), Oscar Sanderson (NATO), Oscar Mitchell (NATO), Dominic Green (CLOK), Liam Green (CLOK), Billy Davies (NATO), Lawrie Cope (NATO), Jonty Cope (NATO), Matthew Green (NATO)
The M16 NATO crew: Benedict Sanderson , Jonty Cope and Oscar Mitchell
Oscar Sanderson (M14 NATO) handing over to Dominic Green (M18 CLOK) in the relays
Event arena with the imposing backdrop of the Redcar steelworks
Sand Dunes, Sea and Wind Turbines
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