Autumn/Winter LOP 2021/2 Northumberland Park (N.Shields)

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    • Registration opens: 10:00 am closes: 11:00 am
    • Starts from: 10:00 am

    Update 5/2/22: Travel & parking added. Terrain notes expanded.

    Seventh of series of low key local Saturday morning events, in and around Tyneside, with a league to encourage participation and competition. Courses suitable for beginners and the more experienced wanting some training competition.

    The Covid Conditions of Entry apply to this event. Please read through.

    Terrain: Yellow will be all in Northumberland Park, a mainly formal park with a maze of footpaths. Orange and Long Orange will also involve nearby streets and nearby Tynemouth. Long orange will also visit part of North Shields fish quay.
    Courses have been designed to minimise road crossings, though there are roads to be crossed which could be busy. Competitors must take care and use road crossings where possible or needed. Courses will have some element of climb – Tanners’ Bank from riverside before heading into Northumberland Park itself. Competitors must take care crossing the road at the top of Tanners’ Bank.

    Travel: King Edward Road entrance to the park opposite golf club. See map. NE30 2ES. mason.skins.sends
    Bus 306 Haymarket > Coast Road > Battle Hill > King Edward Rd > Tynemouth (Park Hotel) & return.
    Bus 1 Whitley Bay to/from Gateshead & beyond serves Allendale Rd/Tynemouth Rd. to the south of the park. Walking via Park Terrace & Avenue avoids the competition area.

    Parking: Courteous road side parking along park boundary at King Edward Rd. & Park Ave.

    Courses: Yellow (1.5 – 2.0 km.) ~ Orange (2.0 – 3.0 km.) ~ Long Orange (3.5 – 5.0 km.)

    Entry: Senior (21+) £4 Junior (21-) & Student £2. Family £4.
    Entry on the day only. Please provide exact change at DIY entry.
    Large groups should give prior notice, please.

    Control Sites will be marked with a miniature O sign and orange tape secured with a clothes peg. Markers will have a code letter in permanent marker to be written on the control card. Carry a pen.

    Electronic timing will be used for start and finish with a card and pen carried round the course. All runners will be issued with a loan dibber which will be downloaded off site. Timing tickets will be issued at download and results published as soon as possible on this site.

    Scoring: 100 points for the winner of each course, 99 for second, 98 for third etc. Anyone running in a course above their class will get a bonus of 5 points (10 for 2 courses above) and, likewise, anyone running a course below their class will be docked 5 points (10 for 2 courses below).

    Facilities: Toilets and Cafe at the park visitor centre. Good children’s play area.

    Coordinator: Joanne Field
    Planner: Andrew Rice

    Safety: Orienteering is an adventure sport. Take care. Courses are risk assessed and mitigation applied. Be aware of other users (on foot, cycle or horse) of the area.
    Please supply your own water.
    See also terrain notes.

    Future events:
    February 19th: Paradise, Benwell

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