Autumn/Winter LOP 2021/2 Wallsend Parks

    • Date:
    • Location: Three linked parks in Wallsend
    • Starts from: 10:00 am

    Fourth of series of low key local Saturday morning events, in and around Tyneside, with a league to encourage participation and competition. Courses suitable for beginners and the more experienced wanting some training competition.

    The Covid Conditions of Entry apply to this event. Please read through.

    Terrain: Varies from formal parkland to open grassland and woodland. Intricate path network.

    Travel: To Prince Road, Wallsend. NZ296671 NE28 8DN
    Eastbound on A1058 Coast Road take long exit lane to A186 (Wallsend) and fourth roundabout exit onto Station Road (A186). Prince Road is the third turn left just after pedestrian lights.
    Westbound on A1058 Coast Road take long exit lane “Wallsend”, right at the mini roundabout where the road curves to run parallel to the Coast Road. First exit at the roundabout and then as above.
    From A193 Wallsend High Street, turn north at the central lights (Station Road). Right into Prince Road 150 m past a green space.
    Wallsend Metro and Bus Station : 1 km. Nearest bus stops Wallsend Town Centre High Street. From both take Station Road as above.

    Parking: Considerate roadside parking.

    Courses: Yellow (1.5 – 2.0 km.) ~ Orange (2.0 – 3.0 km.) ~ Long Orange (3.5 – 5.0 km.).

    Entry: Senior (21+) £4 Junior (21-) & Student £2. Family £4.
    Entry on the day only. Please provide exact change at DIY entry.
    Large groups should give prior notice, please.

    Control Sites: Permanent markers on posts – possibly a few additional orange ribbon tags. Permanent markers have four corner codes. Select top left and record on the control card. Carry a pen.

    Electronic timing will be used for start and finish with a card and pen carried round the course. All runners will be issued with a loan dibber which will be downloaded off site. Timing tickets will be issued at download and results published as soon as possible on this site.

    Scoring: 100 points for the winner of each course, 99 for second, 98 for third etc. Anyone running in a course above their class will get a bonus of 5 points (10 for 2 courses above) and, likewise, anyone running a course below their class will be docked 5 points (10 for 2 courses below).

    Coordinator: Tricia Davies ~
    Planner: John Crosby

    Safety: Orienteering is an adventure sport. Take care. Courses are risk assessed and mitigation applied. Be aware of other users (on foot, cycle or horse) of the area. Some grassland areas can be slippery when wet.
    Please supply your own water.

    Future events:
    December 4th: Silverlink

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