Autumn/Winter LOP 2023/4 Ashington Forest

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    • Registration opens: 10:00 am closes: 11:00 am
    • Starts from: 10:00 am

    Third of series of low key local Saturday morning events, in and around Tyneside, with a league to encourage participation and competition. Courses suitable for beginners and the more experienced wanting some training competition.

    Terrain: The site of the former Ashington colliery: extensively planted with trees, blocks varying from esy running to a fair bit of fight with courses designed to acknowledge this. Two large hills to the south level out to the north with a wide stream and lake on the eastern side to give variety. Wise route choice will be important. The area is split by the bed of a railway line running NNW to SSE with rails still in place in the southern half. The trackbed can be crossed at any point – no trains expected!

    Travel: Signed from roundabout on A197 Rotary Parkway near Asda and Police Station.
    Car: The A197 runs from A1 (at St. Leonard’s Junction) through to A189 Spine Road along the northern edge of Ashington. Turn off northwards at the roundabout by ASDA. NE63 9UN NZ274880 ///poets.honeybees.reverses Google Maps

    Bus: X21 or X22 from Newcastle Haymarket, 35 Morpeth > Newbiggin and other services to Ashington Bus Station. From here leave by entrance opposite ASDA, turn right and head past Morrison Glazing on the other side of A197 Rotary Parkway.

    Parking: Considerately on nearby streets.

    Note: A Park Run may take place at 9:00 a.m. with resultant foot and car traffic early on.

    Entry: Senior £4.00 Junior £2.00 Family £4.00. Entry on the day only.  Please provide exact change.
    Large groups should give prior notice, please.

    Yellow (1.5 – 2.0 km.) ~ Orange (2.0 – 3.0 km.) ~ Long Orange (3.5 – 5.0 km.).
    Maps ands Controls
    Sites will be marked with a miniature O sign and orange tape secured with a clothes peg. Markers will have a code letter in permanent marker to be written on the control card. Carry a pen.
    Electronic timing will be used for start and finish. All runners will be issued with a loan dibber which will be downloaded off site. Timing tickets will be issued at download.
    100 points for the winner of each course, 99 for second, 98 for third etc. Anyone running in a course above their class will get a bonus of 5 points (10 for 2 courses above) and, likewise, anyone running a course below their class will be docked 5 points (10 for 2 courses below).

    Safety: Orienteering is an adventure sport. Risks have been assessed and mitigated as far as possible . However, participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.
    Please bring your own requirement of water.
    Please be aware of dog walkers, small children and other park users.

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