CompassSport Heat, Beanley

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    • Starts from: 11:30 am

    Inspection Saturday 11:30 a.m. Decision to proceed with the event.

    CompassSport Cup & Trophy Heat. National event at Beanley, N.W. of Alnwick
    Participating Clubs: Cup: CLOK, AIRE, WCOC
    Trophy: NATO, BL, NN

    1 © sarah d 2 © Katherine Brown 3 © Russel Wills licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

    updated: 15/02/23 (course details)
    2/3/23 (distance to near start shortened)

    4/3/23 (start list link added here and below)
    5/3/23 (final details added here and below)

    Beanley Moor and Plantation occupy an elevated site between the villages of Eglingham near Alnwick and Glanton (near the A697 Morpeth to Wooler road). The summit of the moor at Titlington Pike is a prominent landmark when travelling northwards on the latter route to the event. The moor extends north eastwards towards Eglingham with the central section occupied by a plantation beyond which the moor descends to the village.
    The area includes a hillfort and other archaeological features. An article about this prepared for NATO’s next club magazine may be of interest to visiting clubs.

    Travel: From the South, travel north on the A697. 10 miles north of Longframlington turn right – signed Eglingham and O-signed) – onto Playwell Road, Glanton. At the crossroad continue straight across. Car park is 500m on the left. Park as directed.
    From the North, travel south on the A697 to Powburn. 1 mile south of Powburn turn left ( O-signed) onto Playwell Road, Glanton. See above.
    Please use the above approaches from the West only.

    Car Park: at NU 08588 16871 ~ 55.4460222,-1.8658814 ~ ///baseballs.thick.alternate
    Sorry DOGS are not permitted, not even if they are left in your vehicle. We will be sharing the field with lambing ewes.

    Entries: Entries via Club Captains. Closing date: 26th February
    (NATO Members to Katherine Brown or Kim Sanderson )
    Non-Championship pre-entry via SiEntries from 2nd February.
    Entry closes for these courses 5th March.
    Championship and non-Championship: Seniors (M/W21+): £10 Juniors (M/W20-): £5
    Entry on the day will also be available for non-championship courses.

    Final Details

    Start List

    Courses:Map ScaleClimb
    1 Brown: Men Open1:10 000 Far Start 8.9 km.190m.
    2 Short Brown; M20- M40+1:10 000 Far Start 7.3 km.155m.
    3 Blue, Women: Women Open1:10 000 Far Start 5.4 km.90m.
    4 Blue, Men: M50+1:10 000 Far Start 5.3 km.100m.
    5 Green, Women: W20- W45+1:10 000 Far Start 3.3 km.80m.
    6 Green, Men: M60+1:7 500 Far Start 3.5 km.60m.
    7 Veteran Short Green: M70+ W60+1:7 500 Far Start 3.3 km.55m.
    8A Green, Junior Men 18- 16- 1:10 000 Far Start 3.6 km.60m.
    8B Short Green,  Junior Women 18- 16-1:10 000 Far Start 2.9 km.75m.
    9A Orange: Junior Men 14- 1:7 500 Near Start3.1 km.55m.
    9B Orange: Junior Women 14-1:7 500 Near Start3.1 km.55m.
    10 Very Short Green: M80 + W70+1:7 500 Far Start 2.7 km.55m.
    Shadowing is not allowed on
    Championship courses
    Non-Championship Courses.
    White: See note below.1:7 500 Near Start1.3 km.20m.
    Yellow: See note below.1:7 500 Near Start2.3 km.25m.
    Light Green1:10 000 Far Start2.9 km.70m.

    Course notes: Courses from the Far Start use heathery moorland offering contour detail and rock features.  Bracken will be low at this time of year. 
    Orange (9A, 9B), White and Yellow courses will visit the southern part of the area: rough pasture, moorland and a small wood.  White visits only the pasture and wood.
    Maps for the White and Yellow courses should be collected from assembly before going to the start.  
    Due to the destruction caused by storm Arwen courses will not include the main forest. 

    Map: Original by J.Dixon. Updates: 2010 (J.Mason, P.Taylor, A.Barnes), 2015 (georeferenced F.Miller), minor updates 2022 (George Hare). For scales see course details above.
    Previous versions can be viewed at 2010 and 2015 or emailed on request.

    Starts: There are two starts. Routes to both begin along a minor road. After 0.7 km. the route to the Near Start turns onto a forest track. The route to the Far Start continues along the minor road. Near Start (1 km.) is for courses White, Yellow and Course 9a, 9b. All other courses use the Far Start (1.7 km.). Please start at your allocated time.
    As both starts involve a walk along the road, please beware of any vehicles.
    Start times for non CompassSport courses: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
    Finish: Both starts have corresponding close finishes.
    There is limited space for spectating.

    In car park: toilets, first aid, a maze and cake stall.
    Close to far start and finish: a tent to leave clothing.
    Close to near start and finish: a tent to leave clothing.
    The Tankerville Arms, Eglingham Village serves weekend meals from 12:00 – 20:00.

    Organiser: Katherine Brown 07502021816
    Planner: Mary Rack
    Controller: Lindsey Knox – RR

    Safety: This event will be conducted with regard to Government and British Orienteering guidelines in force at the time. Orienteering is an adventure sport.  A comprehensive risk assessment for the event will be prepared and identified risks mitigated. However, please be aware that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

    Individual Results

    Club Scores

    Team Scores (Cup)

    Team Scores (Trophy)

    Please upload your route to RouteGadget

    RouteGadget for courses 6 , 7 & 10

    Guidance available: “How to upload a route”

    Thanks to all cake stall bringers and buyers! We raised over £120 for the North East Junior Squad.

    Found property: Blue swim “Buff”.
    A pair of black trainers.
    Also a knife from the cake stall (Now claimed).
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