Hexham Urban

    • Date:
    • Location: Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham NE46 3JB

    Part of the Tyne Valley Night and Day weekend, this Hexham urban event invites participants to navigate around the newly developed High School grounds, a park and the wider town.

    Terrain Town centre, residential streets, school site and mixed parkland.

    Image (c) Paul Buckingham

    Optimum route
    (not straight line)
    1Men Open (M18-35)9.1km210m
    2Veteran Men (M40+)
    Women Open
    3Super Veteran Men (M55+)
    Veteran Women (W40+)
    4Ultra Veteran Men (M65+)
    Senior Veteran Women (W55+)
    5Hyper Veteran Women (W65+)
    Hyper Veteran Men (M75+)
    Hyper Veteran Women (W75+)
    6Junior Men (M16-)
    Junior Women (W16-)
    7Young Junior Men (M12-)
    Young Junior Women (W12-)
    Courses subject to final controlling.
    People aged under sixteen on the day of the event may only enter course 6 or 7 (unless they are shadowed).

    For beginner orienteers we recommend entering Course 5 (if you have some navigation experience), 6 or 7. Pairs or groups can orienteer together: just pay for one entry if you only want one map. See our FAQs or contact the organiser if you have any questions.

    Entries Now open via SIEntries. Seniors (M/W21+): £10.00 Juniors (M/W20-): £5.00.  Guaranteed entries close Sunday 19th November. Limited entry on the day for courses 5, 6 and 7 only (subject to map availability).

    Travel Hexham is accessible by rail on the Tyne Valley line running between Newcastle and Carlisle; the railway station is 2km from Assembly.

    Stagecoach Bus 685 runs between Newcastle/Carlisle and Hexham, and stops outside the Police Station approx. 500m from Assembly. The bus station is 1.6km from Assembly.

    GO North East buses are on strike, but some (often minibus) replacements may be available.

    GO North East Services 687 and 688 would normally stop close to Assembly. GO North East bus service 683 is a circular route through Hexham, connects the bus and rail stations, and would stop close to Assembly.

    Free car parking is in the Queen Elizabeth High School car park, signposted off Whetstone Bridge Road.

    Free cycle parking is available close to Assembly.

    Assembly Follow signposts from the main High School entrance to the Community Sports Hub behind the school.

    Starts between 10:30-12:30, Start located approximately 800m from Assembly along a taped route. Finish adjacent to Assembly.

    Facilities Toilets, changing rooms and showers at Assembly. Vending machines for snacks and hot drinks (these take card payments). Outdoor seating is available in a courtyard area next to the Sports Hub. No dogs are permitted on the school/sports centre site.

    Entry via SIEntries in advance. Entries on courses 6 and 7 will be available on the day.

    Officials/contact Organiser: Kim Sanderson sandersonkim@hotmail.com, Planner: Francis Shillitoe, Controller: Tim O’Donoghue.

    Map Paper Size A3, Scale: 1:4,000, ISSprOM 2019-2 (Francis Shillitoe 2023)

    Safety The terrain for all courses will include parkland and some slippery areas, including a cobbled street with a ford. We advise wearing shoes with grip as there is more mud around than usual. There are roadworks on the main thoroughfare which affects courses 1, 2 and 3. These roadworks are not marked on the map but should not impede progress.

    Courses 6 and 7 will go through parkland and school grounds, linked by quiet residential streets. A timed-out pelican crossing (1 minute) will take them across a busier road.

    Dogs may be present in the park area where the Start is located.

    Please be aware that, if you are retracing your steps after finding a control – especially in a narrow space – the priority is to stay alert because other competitors might be approaching the control.

    Orienteering is an adventure sport. A comprehensive risk assessment for the event will be prepared and identified risks mitigated. However, please be aware that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

    RouteGadget now available. Please upload your route.
    Guidance available: “How to upload a route”

  • Notes

    A few of you mentioned a locked gate near control 106. There is a sign which says “This gate is locked at all times”. However, the gate has no physical locking mechanism. I checked it again whilst collecting the control.

    Thanks for all the positive comments about the courses and map.



    A very good compass has just (Wednesday) been found and handed in. If you think it might be yours, please contact the organiser (below) with a few details of its appearance.


    We have found the lost property pictured here, get in touch if it’s yours! Kim – sandersonkim@hotmail.com

    Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Daunenmantel


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