Newcastle City Urban (Jubil-O Day 3)

    • Date:
    • Location: Northumbria University campus, NE1 8ST
    • Starts from: 10:30 am
    Ouseburn panorama. Attribution: Andrew Curtis

    Update Saturday 4th June *Please note map scale change for Course 4*

    A classic-length urban event in Newcastle City Centre/Ouseburn. This race forms part of the UK Urban League (UKUL), offering challenging age-group courses. 

    The start/finish will be on the Northumbria University campus in the city centre, with courses heading eastwards over the central motorway towards Ouseburn through streets new to orienteering. 

    Courses may cross the route of the Roman Wall, traverse innovative bridges old and new, and pass architecture from various eras. Some may even pass beneath the baleful gaze of the infamous vampire rabbit…

    © Copyright Mike Quinn

    Terrain: This complex area includes the ancient and modern city centre, post-war housing areas, a university campus, parks and steep-sided valleys to test the legs. The Open courses reach Newcastle’s famous quayside.

    Long urban courses give varied route choice and problems of navigation. Expected winning times range from around 60 min for Open to 30-35 min for Hyper Vets.

    Public transport: Newcastle central railway station 1.4 km from assembly, Eldon Square bus station 800m, Haymarket bus station 750m, Haymarket metro 700m, Manors metro 700m, Manors railway station 800m.

    Car parks: No designated event parking. Parking is available close to the assembly, for example at Sandyford Square (Newcastle Civic Centre).

    Courses: Courses 1 and 2 will have at least 30 controls, so competitors will need a suitable SI card/dibber. 

    Courses 6 and 7 for juniors will have two marshalled road crossings (one a zebra crossing and one with lights). Please follow the marshall’s instructions.

    CourseClassWinning timeDistance, approx.*
    Course 1Open  ~60 mins10-11km
    Course 2W Open, M40+ (M20-)45-508km
    Course 3W40+, M55+ (W20-) 40-506.5-7km
    Course 4W55+, M65+35-455.5-6km
    Course 5W65+, M75+30-354.5km
    Course 6M/W16- ~305km
    Course 7M/W12-, novices~ 203km

    *Shortest feasible route, rarely a straight line

    *Please note map scale change for Course 4*

    Mapping and SI:  Courses 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be printed at 1:5000 on A3 paper.

    Courses 5 to 7 will be printed at 1:4000 on A3 paper.

    Controls will be SIAC enabled.

    The event will be the third of the Jubil-O series of events held over the weekend of the Queen’s Jubilee in June. Other events include the Fellgate Estate sprint event on Friday, organised by NN, and the Stockton Riverside sprint event on Saturday organised by CLOK.

    Entries: £10 adult/£5 junior or student, via SI Entries only. Starts in 15-minute blocks between 10:30 and 12:30. Please start during the 15-minute window you chose when you entered using SIEntries.

    Limited-availability entry on the day, for Courses 6 and 7 only. If you’re new to orienteering, try Course 7. Any questions, contact the organiser.

    Courses close: 14:30

    Organiser: Kim Sanderson,

    Facilities: No indoor assembly. Public toilets in the city centre. Tent available for kit/clothing bags.

    Assembly and start: Registration/download and kit/clothing tents adjacent to the start. These are in a square by the Northumbria University footbridge (nearest postcode NE1 8ST), see the pin on the ‘location map’ tab on this website and the photo of statues below. Our recommended pedestrian approach, avoiding the competition area, will be taped from the corner of St Mary’s Place and Sandyford Road, via the piazza between the Northumbria students’ union and library.

    First aid: At registration/download.

    Safety: Young Juniors (age class 12 and under) may only enter Course 7 if running unaccompanied. Juniors (age class 16 and under) may enter either Course 6 or Course 7 if running unaccompanied. All entries are subject to the parent/guardian’s discretion; ‘shadowing’ your child is permitted. The junior courses have marshalled road crossings.

    Traffic levels are expected to be low to very low on much of the competition area so other crossings will not be marshalled. No timed-out crossings. 

    ‘Out of bounds’ is marked on some roads: competitors face immediate disqualification if they do not adhere to this. These are roads with poor sightlines and potential for through traffic, and by the Quayside where the Sunday Market generates heavy pedestrian traffic. Pavements adjacent to out of bounds areas will mostly offer allowed routes.

    Orienteering is an adventure sport. Please take care of yourself and others. Risks have been assessed and hazards mitigated as far as possible. Be aware of other people in the area – traffic, cycles, pedestrians, children. Steps may be slippery, especially if wet.

    Results: The website will be updated periodically. Click here for Live Results on the day

    Start location. Attribution: Gareth James

    Please upload your route to RouteGadget
    Guidance to upload.

    We had the following Lost Property. Please contact Frank Shillitoe if you would like it returned:

  • Notes

    Control 146 was stolen during the event. This affected courses 1, 2, 3 and 4. We have excluded the leg time to and from this control in the results.


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