October Odyssey Weekend Day 2 Doctor Gate, Hamsterley (X-country) & NATO Club Championships

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    This year’s club championships will be decided by scoring the results of all club members at Day 2 October Odyssey at Doctor’s Gate above Hamsterley Forest, organised by Northern Navigators on Sunday October 1st.

    Link to event details.

    Pre entry is required by 24th September and club members should enter their choice of course (see below) in the usual way. No declaration regarding the championship is needed.

    For each club runner speed (min/km) multiplied by an age factor multiplied by a course difficulty factor will give a score. See link below for details & examples. That leaves entrants free to choose their course difficulty and balance that up with anticipated speed.

    Link to Championship factors.

    Note, however, that NEOA championships are also awarded at this event and for these you do need to enter your age allocated course.

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