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    • Starts from: 10:30 am

    A regional event in Hadrian’s Wall country north of Haydon Bridge.

    Incorporating NATO Club championships

    Update 28/5/21: Championship details. Entry dates.
    Update 2/6/21 Course lengths added
    Update: 12/6/21 Course climbs, download descriptions added.
    Update 15/6/21 Note emphases in travel, parking, safety and dogs

    Terrain: Open fell. A series of ridges, running roughly east-west. Mostly well-grazed, fast runnable grass with some shallow marshy areas on lower ground. Patches of bracken which do not impede progress greatly; no heather. Interesting crag and boulder features.

    Pandemic: This event will be conducted with regard to Government and British Orienteering guidelines in force at the time. Participation is conditional upon accepting the code of conduct for participants. It is important that you refer to the full document.
    Note in particular:

    • Do not attend if showing Covid-19 symptoms or are isolating or in quarantine.
    • Arrive reasonably close to your allocated start slot.
    • Respect Social Distancing at all times. Be particularly careful at the start, download and narrow pinch points.
    • Please use hand sanitiser available at Start and Download.
    • No entry on the day. See pre entry details below.
    • No dibber hire on the day. See long term hire details below.
    • Avoiding potential exposure to Covid-19 is more important than saving a few seconds at a control.
    • Leave the area promptly after your run with no picnicking or socialising.
    • A comprehensive risk assessment (covid appropriate) has been prepared.

    Travel: Signed on B6318 (Military Road) 7 miles west of Chollerford and 10 miles east of Greenhead only for eastbound traffic. This road carries fast traffic with blind crests. Westbound traffic must continue past the venue and turn at Housesteads Car Park (1.5 miles).

    Parking: NY807708 NE47 6NW Map What3Words: premises,salt,brink
    There is a gate at the entrance to the farm track off the B6318 which may need to remain closed. It will be marshalled at peak times, otherwise please leave as found. Queue tightly to avoid tailback onto the road.
    N.B. Drive slowly, as the farm track is uneven in places, especially after the second cattle grid you cross. Beware of grounding. The track passes close to farm buildings and bungalows. Please take care and avoid disturbance.
    Expect to encounter pedestrians/runners. Campervans/Motorhomes should be parked on the grass on the LHS after the farm and bungalow (just beyond the parked trailers) – this will be signed.
    Please have your run before inspecting the wall remains.

    Entry: Online Pre entry only via SiEntries. No entry on the day. Late entries cannot be accepted.
    Entries open: 1st June and close 13th June (midnight).
    Seniors (M/W21+): £7.00 Juniors (M/W20-): £2.00
    If a competitor has to cancel due to COVID 19 or if an event is postponed due to COVID 19 participants will have the option of either a voucher against a future event or a refund.  NATO will organise this through SIentries.

    Club Championships: NATO Club Champions will be declared from the results of this event. All club members present will be scored on their performance. You may enter the course of your choice which is given a difficulty factor. That is adjusted for age and speed. Click here for details. Champions will be declared for men and women in categories Young Junior (12-), Junior (16-), Senior (35-), Veteran (40+), Supervet (55+), Ultravet (65+), Hypervet (75+).

    NO White (Terrain unsuitable),
    Yellow ~ (2.1 km. ~ 45 m. climb Taped route final two controls )
    Orange ~ (2.5 km. ~ 50 m. climb Taped route final two controls)
    Light Green ~ (3.5 km.~ 70 m. climb )
    Short Green ~ (2.9 km.~ 75 m. climb)
    Green ~ (4.5 km.~ 105 m. climb)
    Blue ~ (6.7 km.~ 150 m. climb)
    Brown ~ (9.3 km.~ 200 m. climb)
    For courses Green and above, see safety notes below

    Descriptions: Printed on the map and download here:
    No loose descriptions on the day.

    Starts: Allocated 15 minute time slots between 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Please go direct to the start adjacent to car park as is the finish.

    Punching: SPORTident electronic (SIAC enabled). No dibber loan on the day.
    Long term (currently until August)(non SIAC) advance loan to NATO club members by post @ £5. Apply in good time with your pre entry.
    Dibbers are available for purchase from £29 upwards from SPORTident

    Map: 1:10,000 by Fred Miller. Waterproof Paper.
    Facilities: Toilets at Housesteads (1.5 miles west); limited toilet at event.
    Dogs: No dogs permitted in this sheep country. There are also cattle with young.

    Organiser: Tricia Davies
    Planner: Andy Green
    Controller: Julian Warren (NN)

    Safety: Orienteering is an adventure sport. Please take care of yourself. Risks have been assessed.
    This is an exposed area. In the event of poor weather hooded cagoules, gloves and hat may be compulsory. Ticks are prevalent. Post run check recommended.
    N.B. On courses green, blue & brown there are controls, above and below crags, which are not taped off.
    Cattle (used to walkers) may be grazing.
    Please bring your own requirement of water.
    A whistle should be carried.

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