Summer LOPs 2022 (5)

  • Seaton Sluice

    • Date:
    • Registration opens: 6:00 pm closes: 7:00 pm
    • Starts from: 6:00 pm

    Fifth in a series of low key local Wednesday evening events, in and around Tyneside, with a league to encourage participation and competition. Courses suitable for beginners and the more experienced wanting some training competition.

    Travel: From Blyth: A193 coastal road as far as the roundabout in Seaton Sluice – then select from parking options below.
    From A189 Spine Road & Cramlington take A192/A1061 to join A193 southbound as above.
    From Whitley Bay take A193 Links to the main bridge in Seaton Sluice – then select parking options below.
    A190 The Avenue from Seaton Delaval leads past the Hall to the seafront roundabout.
    Bus: 308 (Arriva)/309 (GoNE) Newcastle > Whitley Bay > Blyth. N.B. Return tickets on these services are not interchangeable. X7 Newcastle > S.Gosforth > S. Delaval > Blyth. All to Fountainhead (see map)
    Cycle: Coastal route Whitley Bay > Blyth (use approach to St. Mary’s, not A193).
    Monkseaton (via old railway) or Seaton Delaval (via shared pavement). The pavement stretch from Delaval Hall to the sea can be rough.

    Parking: Please consult this map to clarify the text.
    In order of closeness to the start depending on availability:
    On the side road (The Links) leading past the Melton Constable pub. (1 EV charging point along here). Southbound this road should be entered at the roundabout. No right turn by the bridge. Do not obstruct or use the pub car park, nor turn down to the harbour side (boat owners only) nor park in front of the houses. Thank you!

    Collywell Bay Rd. which leaves the main road on the seaward side, south side of the bridge in front of S.S.Club. Cross the main road safely on foot using the refuges.

    Fountain Head Car Park (300m.) on the seaward side of the roundabout at the A190/A193 junction. Cross safely on foot using refuges and head towards the Melton Constable pub.

    Facilities: Public toilets at Fountain Head Car Park (see above) and on the green along Collywell Bay Rd. near The King’s Arms close at 7:00 p.m.
    Children’s playground north of Fountain Head Car Park

    Registration/Start: On the green on the north side of the inner harbour. Descend the steps between the Melton Constable pub car park and the junction with the main road. ///nest.agent.tolls

    Yellow (1.5 – 2.0 km.) ~ Orange (2.0 – 3.0 km.) ~ Long Orange (3.5 – 5.0 km.)

    Maps ands Controls
    Sites will be marked with a miniature O sign and orange tape secured with a clothes peg. Markers will have a code letter in permanent marker to be written on the control card. Carry a pen.

    Electronic timing will be used for start and finish. All runners will be issued with a loan dibber which will be downloaded off site. Timing tickets will be issued at download.

    100 points for the winner of each course, 99 for second, 98 for third etc. Anyone running in a course above their class will get a bonus of 5 points (10 for 2 courses above) and, likewise, anyone running a course below their class will be docked 5 points (10 for 2 courses below).

    Fees: Senior £4.00 Junior £2.00 Family £4.00. Correct payment, please.

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