Washington Urban (UKUL)

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    • Registration opens: 10:00 am closes: 11:30 am
    • Starts from: 10:30 am

    An event in the UK Urban League

    A great event for both newcomers and those experienced in urban orienteering. Washington offers a mixture of complex modern housing estates with a varied network of footpaths, underpasses and parkland. The roads are quiet and there is not a lot of climbing, particularly on the shorter courses.

    Event Centre: Washington Leisure Centre (First Floor) NE38 7SS ///spicy.pocket.rainy

    Travel: From A1(M) & A194(M) or A19 & A1231 follow Washington Highway A182 to exit “The Galleries” following brown signs.

    Parking Options:
    (1) (Advised) Filter left into Western Car Park (4 hours free), park as near ASDA as possible and take walking route towards and along right side of ASDA, crossing the bridge to the Leisure Centre (5+ minutes).
    (2) At the Leisure Centre by avoiding the left filter and turning right where ahead is No Entry. Free parking, but note that the car registration must be entered at Centre Reception within 10 minutes of arrival to avoid a fine. The centre says many first time visitors have been caught out. NATO takes no responsibility.
    Buses from surrounding area to Galleries Bus Station (10 minutes walk) (see route to Leisure Centre)

    Pre entry closed at midnight on Sunday 5th May. £7 per adult and £2 per junior or student. Entry on the day also possible for courses 6 & 7 only, subject to map availability.

    CoursesClassesProvisional Optimal
    Course Lengths (km)
    1Men Open10 km.
    2Women Open, Men Vet 40+8 km.
    3Women Vet 40+, Men Super Vet 55+,6 km
    4Women Super Vet 55+, Men Ultra Vet 65+,5 km.
    5Women Ultra Vet 65+, Men Hyper Vet 75+,
    Women Hyper Vet 75+
    4 km.
    6Men Junior 16-, Women Junior 16- , Novice4 km.
    7Men Junior 12-, Women Junior 12-2 km.

    Course notes: Course lengths are given as optimal distances avoiding physically impassable obstructions (buildings, uncrossable fences) and ‘out of bounds’ areas NOT as the crow flies.

    Punching: SPORTident electronic (SIAC enabled). For dibber loan apply with your pre entry. Dibbers are available for purchase from £32 upwards from SPORTident.

    Map: 1:5000 by Fred Miller updated 2023.

    Starts: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 3-5 minutes’ walk from Registration. Courses close 1:00 p.m.

    Facilities: Leisure Centre: Toilets (all times) and Café (opening variable). Shopping Centre: Toilets and Cafés.

    Dogs: Under close control.

    Planner: James Gardner
    Organiser: Gwenda Cavill <gwenda352@gmail.com>
    Controller: Julian Warren (NN)

    Safety: Orienteering is an adventure sport. Please take care of yourself. Risks have been assessed and hazards mitigated as far as possible..
    Be aware of urban hazards – traffic, cycles, pedestrians particularly at blind corners. Please take care of yourself and others.

    Please upload your route to RouteGadget.
    Guidance available: “How to upload a route”

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