In the initial stages, membership is not essential to take part. Feel free to come along and try a few events.

The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st irrespective of when application is made. Fees paid after November 1st include membership for the following year.

  • Senior membership: for individual members aged 26 and over in the membership year.
  • Young adult membership: for those aged 21 to 25 in the membership year.
  • Junior membership: for individual members under 21 throughout the the membership year.
    Part year fees are for those joining mid year. Not available to previous members unless lapsed for over 4 years.

Membership can, and should, include affiliation to British Orienteering, the National governing body of the sport. This opens the way to higher levels of competition, supports national and international development of the sport and entitles you to a number of discounts. For full details of benefits refer to the British Orienteering website.

To join the club online with a card, use this membership link or, if preferred, get in touch via our contact page.

Membership Fees

Fees for 2023/4 (valid from November 2023) as follows
NATOBritish OrienteeringTotal
Junior Membership - AnnualFree£5£5
Junior Membership - Part year from 1st MayFree£3£3
Junior Membership - Part year from 1st September
Young Adult (21-25 yrs)- Annual £5£5
Senior Membership - Annual£10£15£25
Senior Membership - Part Year from 1st May£7£10£17
Senior Membership - Part Year from 1st September£3£5£8
Family (2 seniors + unlimited children)£14£35£49