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What do I need to bring?

A compass is very useful, particularly for the more difficult courses (you can use a smartphone compass). At events in the countryside you will also be asked to carry a …more details

How does it work?

To get round a course, you pick up a map at the start. First you’ll need to find the triangle symbol on the map – that’s where you are now. …more details

Do I need to be a member?

You don’t need to become a member to come to our events. Newcomers normally join a club after about 3 events. If you are interested in joining, see the membership …more details

Which course should I enter?

Children should generally start on the White course, then move up to the Yellow course, then the Orange course and beyond as they build up their confidence and navigation skills. …more details

How do I get to an event?

Most of our events take registrations online in advance. The entries are only available until a week or so before the event. A few entries are usually available for newcomers …more details

What should I wear?

On your feet you should wear trainers/walking shoes with decent grip. You will usually need to wear long trousers/running tights. This is in order to prevent getting scratched by brambles …more details

What is orienteering?

It’s a sport in which you navigate between control points marked on a special map. You decide the best route to take – there’s usually a choice. That makes it …more details